I make art in series, moving back and forth from one body of work to another. By this approach, my interest and inspiration stays lively and fresh. The title of each series is a practical designation and generally relates to the likeness of the forms. The titles of individual works are arbitrary or basic, which helps to free them of incumbent meaning, thereby letting viewers bring their own interpretation to the fore. Drawing and gouache studies are where everything begins and where the freedom to explore, discover and develop ideas occurs. It’s the heart and sole of my effort. The ideas and designs are usually fully fledged when I begin painting. I paint quite thinly in oil and usually on linen over panels that I construct. The works are meant to be experienced for an emotional impact and to tease the thoughtful mind. They are cabinets of forms that function as ideograms of experiences, memories, connections, visions and ideas. I have no advice as to their meaning. They aren’t puzzles to be solved. They are to be enjoyed as collections of signposts and signals, metaphors or remnants of meanings, perhaps gently fleeting or trying to congeal at once within the viewers mind prompted by the intuitive arrangements and respective new associations found within.